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founder:dr. qi youmao

dr. qi passed the postgraduate entrance examination of shanghai institute of organic chemistry, chinese academy of sciences in the year of 1980. three years later, he became a phd candidate with the academician cy yuan (yuan chengye) as his doctoral tutor. in 1986, he started overseas studies in pursuit of more knowledge in chemical world. in the following years, he conducted postdoctoral studies in university of virginia and then university of california, davis.

when working in genelabs inc., dr. qi was directly responsible for new drug research and development. he has obtained more than 10 patents in the field of antiviral, antithrombus, and immunity strengthening drugs, one of which, antibacterial drug gl226, has entered into clinical trials in the us and attracted the attention of the global peers in the pharmaceutical world.

dr. qi has gained 22 patents in the us, two of which have entered into clinical trials. however, generic drugs accounted for up to 97% of chinese pharmaceutical market and china barely has created any new drugs at that time. all patents for invention he has obtained belonged to the us. worrying about such a big distance between domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industries, dr. qi made up his mind to go back to china, his motherland, to create new drugs that really belong to china and to shift the global medical balance with other peers who own the same dream. since then, the “innovative machine” in genelabs started his dream of made in china.