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  • 2020

    hangzhou adamerck pharmaceutical limited by share ltd-凯发体育ag

    within a decade, with our advantages in technology and innovation, adamerck in conjunction with quality capitals will become a highly competitive and innovative international based pharmaceutical conglomerate by means of holdings and mergers.  

  • 2017

    new drug aom0498 of category 1.1 started clinical trials.

    china's top 100 investment enterprises.

  • 2016

    hangzhou amsilver pharmtech inc. (one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries) was founded in hangzhou.

    at the acceptance inspection of national major scientific and technological special project for “significant new drugs development” in the 12th five-year plan, it was found that  the project “selective-molecule-capturing-based relaxant antagonist aom0498 of chemical  drug category 1.1” has finished tasks ahead of schedule.

    identified as “zhejiang quality consistency evaluation center for generic drugs”. this will positively promote the overall generic drug quality consistency evaluation in zhejiang province.

    our innovative drug project was awarded zhejiang’s provincial key project of research and development plan in 2017.

    the clinical studies project of aom0498 was listed in the first group of subjects of “significant new drugs development” in the 13th five-year plan.  

    won the outstanding enterprise in the china innovation and entrepreneurship competition 

  • 2015

    successfully listed on neeq (national equities exchange and quotation)

  • 2014

    replaced by hangzhou adamerck pharmlabs inc.

    the project of aom0498 in state category 1.1 was approved by cfda.

    named as one of the high-tech research and development centers in hangzhou.

    named as a national high-tech enterprise. 

  • 2013

    participated in the event of love for the plateau people held by snowy-region aid association of china in ganzi region, a tibetan autonomous state.

    adamerck academician workstation was established.  

  • 2012

    supported by zhejiang science and technology major project funds in the twelfth five-year plan.  

    rated as a patent pilot company in hangzhou.

  • 2011

    aom0498 won the patent for invention granted by state intellectual property office of the p.r.c.   

    named as a new high-tech enterprise in hangzhou.

    supported by national science and technology major project funds in the twelfth five-year plan.   

  • 2009

    supported by national science and technology major project funds in the eleventh five-year plan. 

  • 2007

    the project of aom0765, a new intravenous anesthetic in state category 1.1 was approved.

  • 2006

    one of “aomo lanyang tablets” product series was approved by sfda. 

  • 2004

    the project of aom0498, a new muscle relaxation antagonist in state category 1.1 was approved.

  • 2000

    hangzhou adamerck pharmlabs, ltd. was founded in hangzhou.