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a level 7.1 violent earthquake occurred in yushu, qinghai province in 2010. thousands of soldiers rushed to yushu but threatened by hypoxia and coldness of the high altitude (>4400 m). adamerck, as soon as getting the news, donated aomo lanyang tablet worth 1 million rmb to ensure the rescue conducted smoothly. it was widely accepted by society due to rapid onset of action and lack of side effects.

a 7.0-magnitude earthquake shook sichuan's jiuzhaigou county in 2017. adamerck provided aomo “lanyang tablet” again to help the rescuers to overcome altitude sickness and save more lives. after our statement for this donation, we were contacted by many rescue teams and charity organizations to promptly send the lanyang tablets to the rescuers.

in addition, adamerck has been doing charity campaigns, such as caring the elderly with chronic diseases induced by hypoxia and cooperating with snowy-region aid association of china to help poor students in tibet region.

from may to june 2014, adamerck again sponsored snowy-region aid association of china, went to ganzi region, a tibetan autonomous state, to organize the event of "love for the plateau people”, and provided with aomo lanyang tablets, ensuring that the event went on well.