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quality consistency evaluation for generic drugs refers to the quality consistency evaluation of the generic drug which has been approved, by stages and groups, based on the same quality and efficacy specifications set by the reference product. the quality and efficacy of the generic drugs must achieve the level of the reference product.

the evaluation may ensure the consistency in quality and efficacy between generic drugs and reference drugs. if a generic drug is qualified to replace the reference drug, our medical costs can be reduced and the quality of our generic drugs and the overall development of national pharmaceutical industry can be improved. furthermore, the public drug safety can be ensured, thereby helping our national drugs to be integrated in the world soon.

adamerck academician workstation, led by dr. qi, youmao with the academician of chinese academy of sciences chengye yuan and his team as the core, is driven by the government of hangzhou. the workstation is technological innovation–oriented and aimed at the implement of “major new drug innovation” and “key science and technology project during the 12th five-year” for the 12th/13th five year plans to meet the need of prevention and treatment of serious diseases and the development of pharmaceutical industry and establish the high-level technological innovation platform.

the academician chengye yuan:

since the 1970s, yuan has brought phosphor chemistry to a new level by technologies including quantum chemistry, molecular mechanics, pattern recognition, factor analysis, and related analysis. he has made significant achievements in the basic research of life phosphor chemistry. he is elected to be the academician of chinese academy of sciences in 1977.

third prize for national invention

medal for devotion to national defense

second prize for national science and technology progress

third prize for national science and technology progress